Takashi Kambayashi

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This paper presents Ingrid, an architecture for a fully distributed, fully self-configuring information navigation infrastructure that is designed to scale to global proportions. Unlike current designs, Ingrid is not a hierarchy of large index servers. Rather, links are automatically placed between individual resources based on their topic similarity in(More)
Recently, many works on ubiquitous computing have been reported. Many of them assume a closed system such as a Smart Home. In this paper, we consider assumptions in ubiquitous computing environments and discuss requirements for those environments. In addition, we propose and discuss network architecture for reducing the spatial limitations when controlling(More)
Many studies have been focusing on building smart environments, which provide useful real world services (RWSs). However, with RWSs, feature interactions (FIs), device and service conflicts, occur more often because many devices run automatically. For this FI problem, we have been developing a Smart Shadow System (S3), which provides RWSs and is able to(More)
Recently, ubiquitous environments have been extensively studied, and hardware environments (e.g., network or small devices) will be available soon. When the hardware environments become available, problems related to service provisioning will still remain. Device (resource) conflict or service conflict will occur in multi-user actual ubiquitous(More)
In congestive heart failure, lymph flow from the cannulated thoracic duct is greatly increased. However, there has been scant data on lymph flow in the intact lymphatic system with systemic circulatory congestion. In the present study, thoracic duct and peripheral lymph flow were qualitatively determined using heated cross-thermocouples in seven mongrel(More)
PURPOSE The score to predict the risk of post-extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) pyelonephritis was evaluated. The score was based on the multivariate analysis of risk factors available pre-operatively. Stone size, pyuria, bacteriuria, previous pyelonephritis and other adjunctive procedures had been selected and scored. METHODS Three-hundred and(More)
Distributed pub/sub messaging has become indispensable for event-driven systems. There are methods for achieving high scalability regarding topic-based pub/sub by using structured overlay networks. However, these methods waste network resources concerning "exhaust data," which have low or no value most of the time. There are at least two problems: each(More)
Due in large part to the popularity and global nature of the Web, multilingual issues in computers is finally beginning to attract serious attention, from users and developers alike. At the Software Labs in NTT, we are involved in a project that confronts multilingual issues in a big way. Namely, we are building software designed to self-configure a global(More)