Takashi Kaito

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OBJECT Spinal fusion at the L4-5 disc space alters the normal biomechanics of the spine, and the loss of motion at the fused level is compensated by increased motion and load at the other unfused segments. This may lead to deterioration of the adjacent segments of the lumbar spine, called adjacent-segment disease (ASD). In this study, the authors(More)
We evaluated 30 patients with cervical myelopathy before and after decompressive surgery and compared them with 42 healthy controls. All were asked to grip and release their fingers as rapidly as possible for 15 seconds. Films recorded with a digital camera were divided into three files of five seconds each. Three doctors independently counted the number of(More)
OBJECT Double-door laminoplasty using hydroxyapatite (HA) spacers has been widely performed for compressive cervical myelopathy and has provided good neurological outcome. Although HA spacers are used for preventing reclosure of the opened laminae, they are often displaced or dislocated from their original position. The authors investigated the incidence(More)
AIM Spinal angiolipoma is a benign uncommon neoplasm composed of mature lipocytes admixed with abnormal blood vessels, and accounts for only 0.14-1.2% of all spinal tumors. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective data analysis. RESULTS We report two cases of a 64-year-old woman and a 65-year-old man with thoracic myelopathy due to spinal angiolipoma.(More)
OBJECT Although posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) is an excellent procedure to attain circumferential decompression, it is technically demanding and can lead to various surgical complications. The authors retrospectively reviewed consecutive patients with nonisthmic spondylolisthesis who underwent PLIF to reveal the incidence and risk factors for(More)
PURPOSE To reveal the prevalence of low back pain (LBP) and association between LBP and patient-reported QOL outcomes (JOABPEQ and SRS-22r) in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) without corrective surgery. METHODS Ninety-eight female patients with AIS without corrective surgery who answered JOABPEQ, SRS-22r, and VAS for LBP were included.(More)
BACKGROUND Vertebral bodies in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) usually have frontal wedge deformities. However, the plasticity of the deformed vertebrae in skeletally immature patients is unknown. The purpose of our study was to clarify the plasticity of vertebral deformities in skeletally immature patients with AIS by using in vivo(More)
Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) and postoperative hungry bone syndrome are very rare conditions in adolescents, and may be frequently misdiagnosed as a metastatic bone tumor. However, delay in diagnosis may lead to a fatal preoperative hypercalcemia and postoperative hypocalcemia. PHPT is a differential diagnosis of adolescent hypercalcemia and(More)
OBJECT The upper cervical spine is commonly involved in persons with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Although 2D measurements have long been used in the evaluation of cervical lesions caused by RA, 2D measurements are limited in their effectiveness for detecting subtle and complex morphological and kinematic changes. The purpose of this study was to elucidate(More)