Takashi Iwakiri

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Congenital malignant gliomas are rare brain tumors about which few reports have been published. We present the clinical course and genetic alterations in an infant with a congenital malignant glioma detected incidentally by ultrasonography at 36 weeks. The tumor occupied the right temporoparietal region, extended to the posterior fossa, and significantly(More)
AIMS Inflammation and possibly hypoxia largely affect glucose utilization in atherosclerotic arteries, which could alter many metabolic systems. However, metabolic changes in atherosclerotic plaques remain unknown. The present study aims to identify changes in metabolic systems relative to glucose uptake and hypoxia in rabbit atherosclerotic arteries and(More)
BACKGROUND A new histopathological classification of anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated glomerulonephritis was recently proposed. We evaluated the predictive value of this classification for renal outcome in Japanese patients. METHODS We enrolled 122 patients with ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis diagnosed at several institutions in(More)
Diabetes mellitus accelerates atherosclerosis that causes most cardiovascular events. Several metabolic pathways are considered to contribute to the development of atherosclerosis, but comprehensive metabolic alterations to atherosclerotic arterial cells remain unknown. The present study investigated metabolic changes and their relationship to vascular(More)
BACKGROUND Although hemoglobin (Hb) levels are affected by a change in the body fluid status, the relationship between Hb levels and mortality while taking interdialytic weight gain (IDWG) at blood sampling into account has not yet been examined in hemodialysis patients. STUDY DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING, PARTICIPANTS Data from the Miyazaki Dialysis(More)
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