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We present a low-power design method that utilizes the multiple supply voltages. The proposed method reduces the power consumption of random logic circuits by 47% on the average, with up to 15% area overhead, by the combination of " clustered Voltage Scaling (CVS) scheme " and " Bow by Row optimized Power &pply (RRPS) scheme ". By the CVS scheme, the(More)
This paper describes a fully automated low-power design methodology in which three different voltage-scaling techniques are combined together. Supply voltage is scaled globally, selectively, and adaptively while keeping the performance. This methodology enabled us to design an MPEG4 codec core with 58% less power than the original in three week(More)
The paper describes an experiment on the navigation efficiency of social bookmarking service for information discovery. The purpose is to evaluate the effects of navigation information that can be used in choosing users' libraries, which includes the number of bookmarks in each library, the ratio of user's bookmarks in a bookmark collection, and the ratio(More)
The paper describes design and implementation of a web-based Research Collaboration Support System (RCSS) using social bookmarking tools for scientific research communities. A key feature of the developed system ReMarkables is that it provides topic bookmarks function to build research communities in which the members can share bookmarks with specific tags(More)
For the effective promotion of software process improvement (SPI) activities in a large-scale organization, it is necessary to establish an organizational structure and a deployment method for promotion and to develop training courses, support tools, and other materials. Even if an organizational promotion system is established, the SPI activities of each(More)
The mechanism by which the two different heads of the ciliary outer dynein arm produce force to translocate the microtubule during beating is still unknown. In this report we use cryo-electron tomography and image processing to analyze the conformational changes and the relative abundance of each conformation of the two dynein heads from mouse respiratory(More)
Hemodynamics in microcirculation is important for hemorheology and several types of circulatory disease. Although hemodynamics research has a long history, the field continues to expand due to recent advancements in numerical and experimental techniques at the micro-and nano-scales. In this paper, we review recent computational and experimental studies of(More)
Microbubbles show peculiar properties, such as shrinking collapse, long lifetime, high gas solubility, negative electric charge, and free radical production. Fluids supersaturated with various gases can be easily generated using microbubbles. Oxygen microbubble fluid can be very useful for oxygen delivery to hypoxic tissues. However, there have been no(More)
Social media such as Weblog and SNS are useful for information gathering purposes in Web 2.0 era. People visit others’ personal websites with each other and form online social networks of acquaintances. As an efficient active media for information gathering, the social media require any functions for accelerating information diffusion in the online(More)
The paper describes an agent-based model of research collaboration in collaborative tagging system in order to develop an effective collaboration support system for scientific research communities. Based on a survey on social software such as collaborative tagging for the purpose of collaboration on the web, at first we analyze requirements for the social(More)