Takashi Imaizumi

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Ordered attribute grammars (OAGs for short) are a useful class of attribute grammars (AGs). For some attribute grammars, even though they are not circular, OAG circularity test reports that they are not ordered and fails to generate attribute evaluators because some approximation introduces circularities(called type 3 circularities in this paper). First we(More)
The Geography Markup Language (GML) has been introduced to standardize the representation of geographical data in Extensible Markup Language (XML), which makes the exchanging and sharing of geographical information easier. As GML becomes the geospatial language of the Web, the compression of GML files becomes a new challenge to the compression research(More)
In dogs, rectal temperature was decreased to about 36 degrees C at 2 to 2.5 h after sedation with buprenorphine (0.3 mg/body, i.m.), and hindlimb subcutaneous tissue temperature (T(SC)) in the thigh decreased in a similar manner. T(SC) in the dorsum of the foot showed a greater decrease than that in the thigh. OPC-28326(More)
C preprocessor (CPP) is a major cause that makes it much difficult to accurately analyze C source code, which is indispensable to refactoring tools for C programs. To accurately analyze C source code, we need to generate CPP mapping information between unpreprocessed C source code and preprocessed one. Previous works generate CPP mapping information by(More)
Superresolution is a technique to recover a high-resolution image from a low resolution image. We develop a variational superresolution method for the subpixel accurate optical flow computation using vari-ational optimisation. We combine variational superres-olution and the variational optical flow computation for the superresolution optical flow(More)