Takashi Imaizumi

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C preprocessor (CPP) is a major cause that makes it much difficult to accurately analyze C source code, which is indispensable to refactoring tools for C programs. To accurately analyze C source code, we need to generate CPP mapping information between unpreprocessed C source code and preprocessed one. Previous works generate CPP mapping information by(More)
Superresolution is a technique to recover a high-resolution image from a low resolution image. We develop a variational superresolution method for the subpixel accurate optical flow computation using vari-ational optimisation. We combine variational superres-olution and the variational optical flow computation for the superresolution optical flow(More)
This paper presents MAGE2 system. It implements a computational model OOAG (Object-Oriented Attribute Grammars) and creates its attributed object trees in object-oriented database (ODB) using persistent object allocation mechanism of object-oriented database management systems (ODBMS). The MAGE2 is a programming support and execution environment for OOAG.(More)
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