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OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to identify a reliable biomarker for age-related infertility. DESIGN Laboratory study. SETTING ART laboratory. PATIENT(S) Patients undergoing intracytoplasmic sperm injection or IVF cycles. INTERVENTION(S) Expression of Glutathione S-transferase (GST) mRNA and protein in mural and cumulus granulosa cells obtained(More)
The fact that multi-core CPUs have become so common and that the number of CPU cores in one chip has continued to rise means that a server machine can easily contain an extremely high number of CPU cores. The CPU scalability of IT systems is thus attracting a considerable amount of research attention. Some systems, such as ACID-compliant DBMSs, are said to(More)
ACID-compliant DBMSs are said to be difficult to scale their performance by using many more processors, which means that they are difficult to enjoy the benefits of recent many-core systems that widespread use of multi-core processors has made practicable. Since DBMSs are indispensable in most of IT systems, scalability issues should be addressed to fulfill(More)
Puerose: To demonstrate our hypothesis that a correlation exists between oocyte maturity and a decrease in intraovarian blood flow resistance in assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment cycles, oocyte maturity and total antioxidant status (TAOS) in follicular fluid was examined. Methods: A total of 59 cycles involving 51 infertile patients(More)
AIM To clarify the effect of laparoscopic cystectomy for ovarian endometrioma in infertility patients, the pregnancy outcome was evaluated. METHODS This was a retrospective study. From August 2002 to February 2006, 33 infertility patients with ovarian endometrioma underwent laparoscopic cystectomy at our center. According to the laparoscopic findings 33(More)
To evaluate the cystectomy-induced damage on the follicular growth and ovulation of an affected ovary during natural cycles. Twenty-eight infertile patients with unilateral ovarian endometriomas who underwent laparoscopic cystectomy were retrospectively evaluated. The ovulation rate of an affected ovary during natural cycles was compared before and after(More)
To establish an index to predict ART outcomes and to identify infertile patients who need LH supplementation during ovarian stimulation. Serum LH concentrations were measured during the mid- and late-follicular phase in 86 normogonadotropic infertile patients who underwent ART treatment using GnRH-agonist long protocol with recombinant-FSH. The(More)
Recent studies have suggested that the alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors play important roles in learning and memory. Herein, we describe our research of the structure-activity relationships (SAR) in a series of (S)-spiro[1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]octane-3,5'-oxazolidin]-2'-ones bearing various bicyclic moieties to discover novel alpha7 receptor agonists.(More)
AIM Women with unexplained infertility frequently become pregnant after diagnostic laparoscopy. In this study the effect of laparoscopic surgery on such women was evaluated by the pregnancy rate after laparoscopic surgery. METHODS A total of 47 unexplained infertile women underwent laparoscopic evaluation during the period August 2002 to January 2005 in(More)
Purpose : Intraovarian arterial blood flows before and after follicular rupture in ovulation induced cycles were examined by transvaginal color flow Doppler imaging. The changes observed in the intraovarian arterial resistance before and after ovulation in relation to the regularity of menstruation and several other parameters were analyzed. Methods : In a(More)