Takashi Hirukawa

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BACKGROUND Acute kidney injury (AKI), accompanied by the development of systemic inflammatory response syndrome and multiorgan dysfunction syndrome, is associated with a high risk of death. Bioartificial renal tubule device (BTD) is a cell therapy that improves the conditions common to artificial kidney recipients treated for kidney diseases. In this paper,(More)
BACKGROUND Endocapillary proliferation (EP) is a common pathological finding in proliferative glomerulonephritis (GN). Its appearance indicates the presence of active lesions of GN. In this study, we reinvestigated the pathological features of EP. METHODS Cell markers that included CD15, CD68, CD45RO, CD31 and alpha-smooth muscle actin (alpha-SMA) were(More)
A 6-month observational study was conducted in 61 patients (33 men and 28 women, mean age 54.8 +/- 12.4 years) treated with cinacalcet in whom parathyroid intervention was indicated. Thirty-seven patients had baseline intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH) levels of >500 pg/mL, but only five still had levels this high after 6-month cinacalcet therapy. No(More)
Given the advances in medical technologies related to kidney transplantation, the post-transplant graft survival rate and quality of life have improved dramatically. Nevertheless, post-transplant mortality rate still remains high as compared to the general population due to the development of cardiovascular events. It has recently been widely recognized(More)
A 56-year-old Japanese woman with adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)-dependent Cushing's syndrome (CS) was admitted to hospital, where she was diagnosed as having a mediastinal tumor with ectopic ACTH production. The tumor and associated lymph node metastases were resected endoscopically, and the pathological diagnosis was atypical thymic carcinoid.(More)
We report a 44-year-old Japanese man who showed a reversible blunted response of growth hormone (GH) to GH-releasing hormone (GRH) stimulation test and reversible chronic thyroiditis accompanied by isolated ACTH deficiency. He was admitted to our hospital because of severe general malaise, hypotension, and hypoglycemia. He showed repeated attacks of(More)
Functioning black adrenal adenoma (BAA) rarely causes preclinical Cushing's syndrome (CS). In the present case, a 46-year-old Japanese Peruvian woman presented with left flank pain and hypertension. Abdominal computed tomography showed that she had a 15-mm in diameter, round, left adrenal adenoma. She had no physical features of CS, such as moon face,(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS TSPAN8 encoding tetraspanin-8 was identified as a candidate gene for immunoglobulin A nephropathy (IgAN) by a genome-wide association study using microsatellites in the Japanese population. Tetraspanin-8 is a cell surface protein that contributes to the migration and invasion of epithelial cells. METHODS We performed immunohistochemistry(More)
We report a case of peritoneal mesothelioma discovered in a patient during peritoneal dialysis. The patient was a 55-year-old woman who had no history of asbestos exposure. Owing to end-stage kidney failure, she had been undergoing peritoneal dialysis for over 8 years, and she had been diagnosed with encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis. She was admitted to(More)
OBJECT We have developed a new blood purification system, the Recycle Filtration System (RFS), because back contamination of endotoxin (ET) from the dialysate in on-line hemodiafiltration (HDF) is a potential problem when a highly permeable membrane is used. METHODS When the RFS is used for HDF, some of the purified fluid is pumped by a purified fluid(More)