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b fast and highly reliable method of inspecting minule solder joints of high-density rnouaed devices hns been dcveloperl. It uses two techniques to detect all types of defects, such as unsoldered leads. solder bridges. and mis-aligned leads. One applieszxternal Form to solder joints with an air jet. which vibrates w shifts unsoldered leads. The vibration(More)
A robust hydrogel with a reliable deformation region in an aqueous environment is proposed. The gel has a homogeneous network where hydrophilic/hydrophobic components are uniformly distributed. In an aqueous environment, aggregated hydrophobic segments serve as "mechanical fuse links," inhibiting sudden macroscopic fracture. The gel endures threefold(More)
A reliable hydrogel that maintains its mechanical properties in an aqueous environment is demonstrated by T. Sakai and co-workers on page 7407, by introducing hydrophilic/hydrophobic components uniformly in the network. In an aqueous environment, the aggregated hydrophobic segments serve as "mechanical fuse links", inhibiting sudden macroscopic fracture.(More)
We developed a new technique that conducts dynamic light scattering (DLS) under a microscope with high spatial resolution. This technique dramatically extends the range of DLS application from transparent to opaque samples. The total scattered electric field contains both electric field generated from the samples and time-independent reflected electric(More)
A protocol for measuring polydispersity of concentrated polymer solutions using dynamic light scattering is described. Dynamic light scattering is a technique used to measure the size distribution of polymer solutions or colloidal particles. Although this technique is widely used for the assessment of polymer solutions, it is difficult to measure the(More)
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