Takashi Hanada

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PURPOSE Post-implant dosimetric assessment is essential for optimal care of patients receiving prostate brachytherapy. In most institutions, post-implant computed tomography (CT) is performed in the supine position. This study aimed to assess variability in dosimetric parameters with postural changes during acquisition of post-implant CT scans. MATERIAL(More)
BACKGROUND Although the anatomy of the Sylvian fissure is understood, there is little information on where to start its dissection in the pterional transsylvian (PT-TS) approach. At small craniotomy using the PT-TS approach, we set the entry point to the Sylvian fissure at 15 mm behind the anterior edge of the craniotomy along the Sylvian fissure and(More)
Thallium-201 single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) was used to clarify the relationship between 201Tl uptake and the response in chemotherapy to platinum compounds in 21 patients with small-cell lung cancer. 201Tl-SPECT scans were obtained twice: at 15 min (early scan) and 120 min (delayed scan) after an intravenous injection of 111 MBq (3(More)
We describe a modification of the Elmslie-Trillat operation which includes a lateral retinacular release and medial realignment of the tibial tuberosity, but omits medial capsulorraphy. Seventy-five patients were reviewed with a follow up longer than 2 years and the results compared with the conventional Elmslie-Trillat procedure, which consists of lateral(More)
A very rare case of gliosarcoma with von Recklinghausen's disease is presented. A 51-year-old man was admitted to our hospital in March 1990, because of a 2-month history of personality change and left hemiparesis. Multiple neurofibroma over his whole body with many café au lait spots had been present since early childhood. His mother, brothers and children(More)
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