Takashi Hamano

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The purpose of this study was to duplicate the shapes of complete dentures by using a computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system. The shapes of the complete dentures of an edentulous patient were measured using a non-contact type shape measurement system and morphological data at the interval of 0.25 mm were obtained in the X-axis and Y-axis(More)
The National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) maintains various ion accelerators in order to study the effects of radiation of the human body and medical uses of radiation. Two electrostatic tandem accelerators and three cyclotrons delivered by commercial companies have offered various life science tools; these include proton-induced x-ray emission(More)
In order to investigate the thermal stability, the physical and mechanical, and dynamic viscoelastic properties of glass-fibre reinforced composite materials were measured. The G' of the seven materials examined was within 5;20 +/- 14; 55 and 4;50-14; 35 GPa for dry and wet specimens in air at 37 degrees C, respectively, and decreased with increasing(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine the effect of custom tray designs on local pressures against teeth during the impression procedure. In a previous study, a partially edentulous simulation model with a mobile tooth was used, and the effect of custom tray designs on the displacement of the mobile tooth was examined during the impression(More)
For the satellite tokamak JT-60 Super Advanced (JT-60SA), a divertor Thomson scattering measurement system is planning to be installed. In this study, we improved the design of the collection optics based on the previous one, in which it was found that the solid angle of the collection optics became very small, mainly because of poor accessibility to the(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a new method of analysing the shape of the residual ridge. The line of the residual ridge crest was regarded as the reference for artificial tooth arrangement and a method of determining it was evaluated. The shape of a plaster model was measured with a contact-type shape measurement system. The measurement data in(More)
Dynamics of atmospheric pressure under the maxillary complete denture, and their relations with the denture retention influenced by the factors such as the denture seating force, the saliva viscosity and the postdamming, were investigated on the simulation models. The following results were obtained. 1. The atmospheric pressure under the denture became(More)
We have developed a visual analysis method to examine the spatial relationship between the edentulous ridges and the bucco-lingual position of the artificial posterior teeth in complete denture fabrication. In this system, a non-contact type shape measurement system is used. We applied this system to the plaster models and the wax dentures of an edentulous(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a diagnostic system with which to determine the adequate area for artificial tooth arrangement on the posterior residual ridge. Edentulous plaster models and occlusion rims were measured by a non-contact type shape measurement system. Three trigonal pyramids and their impressions on the occlusion rims were used as(More)