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Ethylene promotes fruit ripening, including softening. The fruit of melting-flesh peach (Prunus persica (L). Batsch) cultivar 'Akatsuki' produces increasing levels of ethylene, and the flesh firmness softens rapidly during the ripening stage. On the other hand, the fruit of stony hard peach cultivars 'Yumyeong', 'Odoroki', and 'Manami' does not soften and(More)
Many important apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) fruit quality traits are regulated by multiple genes, and more information about quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for these traits is required for marker-assisted selection. In this study, we constructed genetic linkage maps of the Japanese apple cultivars 'Orin' and 'Akane' using F1 seedlings derived from a(More)
Using 11 consensus primer pairs designed from S-linked F-box genes of apple and Japanese pear, 10 new F-box genes (MdFBX21 to 30) were isolated from the apple cultivar ‘Spartan’ (S 9 S 10 ). MdFBX21 to 23 and MdFBX24 to 30 were completely linked to the S 9 -RNase and S 10 -RNase, respectively, and showed pollen-specific expression and S-haplotype-specific(More)
Identification of markers associated with genes of interest and quantitative trait loci (QTLs), combined with high-density genetic linkage maps, can help reduce labor and costs by enabling marker-assisted selection (MAS). In this study, a dwarfing apple rootstock cultivar ‘JM7’ (Malus prunifolia × Malus pumila ‘Malling 9’) and wild apple Malus sieboldii(More)
Vegetative propagation enables the multiplication of plants that are genetically identical to the original. Hardwood cuttings have a low cost advantage and are used widely for the propagation of JM series apple rootstocks, which root well from hardwood cuttings. To breed new apple rootstocks with similarly high rooting capabilities, the development of a(More)
Electroglottography (EGG) was used to monitor vocal fold vibration patterns in normal subjects and patients with various laryngeal disorders. In order to evaluate the regularity of vocal fold vibration, frequency and amplitude perturbation of EGG waves during sustained phonation were measured with a laboratory computer. The data were compared to the degree(More)
Stop consonants [p], [t], [k] and a fricative [s] were acoustically analyzed using a computed model of the peripheral auditory system in 12 normal subjects and 12 patients with tumors of the tongue who had undergone surgical resection and reconstruction. The model is a combination of the cochlear model that consists of 28 FIR filters (Delgutte) and the(More)
'Fuji' is one of the most popular and highly-produced apple cultivars worldwide, and has been frequently used in breeding programs. The development of genotypic markers for the preferable phenotypes of 'Fuji' is required. Here, we aimed to define the haplotypes of 'Fuji' and find associations between haplotypes and phenotypes of five traits (harvest day,(More)
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