Takashi Hagiwara

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A spectral atmospheric general circulation model called AFES (AGCM for Earth Simulator) was developed and optimized for the architecture of the Earth Simulator (ES). The ES is a massively parallel vector supercomputer that consists of 640 processor nodes interconnected by a single stage crossbar network with its total peak performance of 40.96 Tflops. The(More)
SUMMARY This paper proposes a new MIMO-OFDM precoding technique that aims to minimize a bit error rate (BER) upper bound of the maximum likelihood detection (MLD) in mobile radio communications. Using a steepest descent algorithm, the proposed method estimates linear pre-coding matrices that can minimize the upper bound of BER under power constraints. Since(More)
This paper proposes a parallel processing system -Harray- for scientific computations. Data flow computers are expected to obtain the high performance because they can extract parallelism fully from a program. However, they have many problems, such as the difficulty of controlling the sequence of execution. The -Harray- system is an array processor which(More)
The purpose of this paper is to propose and evaluate a new scheme, called the Preceding Activation Scheme with Graph Unfolding, which translates a FORTRAN program into a dataflow graph and executes it efficiently. The problems in restructuring a FORTRAN program into a dataflow graph are that (1) a FORTRAN program is not written in a single assignment rule(More)
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