Takashi Furuse

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Pyrithiamine-induced acute thiamine-deficient encephalopathy was produced in adult male Wistar rats. Twenty-four hours before the onset of neurological signs the brain showed no morphological abnormalities. Encephalopathic rats had symmetrical lesions of edematous necrosis localized in the thalamus, mammillary body, and pontine tegmentum. Biochemically,(More)
In order to determine whether the function of alveolar macrophages (AM) is modulated by aging, we measured the TNF-alpha production, phagocytic function, and surface antigen expression of AM from young and old mice. When AM were primed by IFN-gamma (500 units/ml) and triggered by LPS (100 micrograms/ml), TNF-alpha production by AM was significantly smaller(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to localize chromosomal susceptibility loci for comitant strabismus among Japanese families by genome-wide linkage analyses. METHODS Fifty-five Japanese families, with at least two members with comitant strabismus (esotropia and/or exotropia), were subject to full ophthalmic examination, careful ocular history, and review(More)
PURPOSE To examine the reliability and usefulness of a video-based Hirschberg test under clinical conditions. METHODS The authors estimated ocular deviation in 87 patients with strabismus through automated analysis of corneal reflex displacement using a video refractor. The reproducibility of measurement, the comparison with the prism and alternate cover(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the adaptive vertical vergence aftereffect and determine whether it contributes to a difference of vertical deviation with respect to gaze distance in patients with vertical strabismus. DESIGN Prospective noncomparative studies. METHODS Eighty-four patients with unilateral superior oblique palsies were enrolled and classified into(More)
We quantitated the morphological changes in the orbital surface layer muscles in the rabbit following the single injection of botulinum A toxin. Experiments were performed in 9 white rabbits (1.6-3.0 kg). They were administered 5 units (5 rabbits) or 10 units (4 rabbits) of botulinum toxin injected into the superior rectus muscle of one eye. The diameter of(More)
Although a 0.3 Bangerter filter, which reduces visual acuity, is frequently used for treating moderate amblyopia, the effects on gross stereopsis are not well known. This study quantitatively evaluated whether gross stereopsis is degraded by a Bangerter filter. Seven healthy subjects (median age: 29 years) participated in this psychophysical study. Targets(More)
PURPOSE This study was conducted to assess how hyperdeviation of a paretic eye during ipsilesional head tilt-the Bielschowsky head tilt phenomenon (BHP)-can be explained by decreased compensatory ocular counterrolling (OCR) due to the depressed torque of the paretic superior oblique (SO) muscle. METHODS Thirty-three patients with clinically diagnosed SO(More)
Effect of 1-[3-isobutoxy-2-(benzylphenyl) amino]propyl pyrrolidine hydrochloride (bepridil), a new antianginal agent, on membrane potentials and membrane currents of sinoatrial node cells of rabbits was examined using conventional microelectrode and double microelectrode voltage clamp methods. Bepridil at a concentration of 10 mumol/l caused an increase in(More)
The effects of aprindine (1 X 10(-7) to 4 X 10(-6) M) were examined on membrane potential and current of rabbit sinoatrial node by means of conventional microelectrode and double microelectrode voltage clamp methods. Aprindine decreased, in a dose-dependent manner, the spontaneously firing frequency, the maximum rate of depolarization and the action(More)