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Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a heterogeneous disorder, and the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus is associated with both insulin secretion defect and insulin resistance. The primary metabolic defect leading to type 2 diabetes mellitus has been thought to be varied among populations, especially in Japanese and Caucasians. Here, we have done the(More)
Recent studies suggest that the impairment of circadian clock function causes various pathological conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and alcoholism, and an altered mRNA expression of clock genes was found under these conditions. However, it remains to be determined whether clock gene expression varies depending on metabolic conditions even in healthy(More)
The ratio of glycated albumin to albumin concentration in serum is termed the glycated albumin (GA) value. The GA value provides a time-averaged index of the state of glycemic control for the previous 2 weeks. In this study, a dry chemistry system (GA monitor) via an enzymatic method was proposed in order to provide a GA value measurement for point of care(More)
A 26-year-old man presented with complaints of exertional dyspnea and cough. The patient has already been given corticosteroids at a previous hospital. Chest CT revealed small centrilobular nodules with diffuse ground-glass opacities in both lungs. Lung biopsy specimens at thoracoscopy revealed non-necrotizing granulomas, patchy foci of mononuclear cell(More)
BACKGROUND The number of children with psychosomatic and psychosocial disorders has been increasing in Japan. There are, however, few trained pediatricians who have adequate knowledge of the treatment needed. The Research Group on the Promotion of Management of Children with Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Disorders carried out the present study to (i)(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine cancer understanding among Japanese primary and secondary school students. METHODS The study design was a cross-sectional nationwide survey using a self-administered questionnaire. The prefecture with the lowest student population was set to 1, and that with the highest student population was set to(More)
Recent advances in orthognatic surgery have been remarkable. Among the surgical procedures, sagital ramus osteotomy has been often used for mandibular protrusion. Causes of dentofacial deformities include not only congenital but also acquired ones, which are caused by trauma or resection of tumor in the maxillofacial region. In all cases, functional and(More)
In this study, we assessed the effects of the prevaccination titer and age on the immunogenicity of a low dose of influenza vaccine in children less than 4 years of age. A total of 259 children received two vaccine doses (0.1 ml for 0-year-olds and 0.2 ml for children 1 year of age or older) 4 weeks apart during the 2005/2006 season. The hemagglutination(More)
The purpose of this study was to describe the cancer-screening intention, sources of cancer information, and cancer understanding among Japanese adolescents. A cross-sectional nationwide survey involving a self-administered questionnaire was conducted. Response rates of the target schools were 46.4 % (n = 103) for junior high schools and 55.8 % (n = 116)(More)