Takashi Eriguchi

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Doublecortin (DCX)-immunoreactive (-ir) cells are candidates that play key roles in adult cortical remodeling. We have previously reported that DCX-ir cells decrease after stress exposure or global brain ischemia (GBI) in the cingulate cortex (Cg) of rats. Herein, we investigate whether the decrease in DCX-ir cells is exacerbated after GBI due to acute(More)
Enriched environments reportedly show neuroprotective effects. Here, we evaluated the effect of an enriched environment prior to cerebral ischemia on neuronal cell death and neurogenesis in rats. Male SD rats were housed under standard conditions (SC) or in an enriched environment (EE), then subjected to global ischemia. The Y-maze test and novel object(More)
BACKGROUND Psychological distress is a risk factor of stroke in humans and worsens the behavioral and neurological outcomes. In rats, acute stress exposure preceding ischemic events attenuates learning and memory. The retrosplenial cortex (RS) plays an important role in these functions, and global brain ischemia (GBI) or acute stress exposure can induce a(More)
Many studies have demonstrated cognitive function disorders including space learning disorders after global brain ischemia (GBI). Previous research on space perception and learning has indicated that the retrosplenial cortex (RS) is strongly involved. We performed immunostaining with doublecortin (DCX) for neurons with plasticity potential in the RS and(More)
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