Takao Ueno

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We have been developing new abilities of humanoid robot to realize proxy drives of a lift truck. Construction machines such as a lift truck play an important role in many tasks, but sometimes the environments are too hazardous for human operators. If a tele-operated humanoid robot can drive a construction machine, it can work at a dangerous place. This(More)
have achieved a world-first success in their joint development of a tele-operated humanoid robot that wears protective clothing and drives an industrial vehicle (backhoe) outdoors in lieu of a human operator as shown in Fig. 1. It shows us that a humanoid robot can expand its capability by using machines designed for the human even in the rain. The use of a(More)
Authors propose “Development of the Waste Management System with the use of Next-Generation Manipulator” as “Development of Construction System Processing Industrial Waste Disposal RT System” in “ Project for Strategic Development of Advanced Robotics Elemental Technologies” for which NEDO advertised, and have been(More)
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