Takao Tanabe

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A 15-cantilever-type force-sensor unit is presented for the measurement of palatolingual contact stress and pattern during pala-tal consonant phonation. The force sensor unit is composed of a strain gauge and a cantilever, and is embedded in a thin palatal plate attached to the human hard palate. It is 3 mm wide, by 5 mm long, and 1.3 mm thick. The output(More)
In support of my thesis exhibition Andante: The Spirit of Prairies, I examine my studio practice of painting landscapes in reference to the histories and conventions of landscape paintings as well as my own development of methods and strategies. I explore the experience of vastness and emptiness of Western Canadian prairies as a metaphor for unknown(More)
Current designs for nuclear fusion reactors call for the use of hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium as the fuel for the energy producing fusion reactions. Deuterium is plentiful in nature, but tritium undergoes radioactive decay with a half-life of 12 yrs and does not occur naturally. The use of tritium must be carefully controlled due to its cost and(More)
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