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Recently, methods for monitoring and analyzing office workers' business activities are in demand to improve their efficiency. This paper discusses about methods to analyze office workers' procedures. Some methods have been proposed for monitoring business activities as following: time-study methods, PC-operation-log methods and sensor-log methods. However(More)
Hardware organized modular multiplication based on division algorithm is one of the effective methods used for RSA encryption/decryption. This paper generalizes the hardware organization of the modular multiplication based on the higher-radix SRT division algorithm, and describes the area/time trade-off of the organization. For the number representation we(More)
Integration of retiming with architectural floorplanning: A new design methodology for DSM, Algorithms for the transient simulation of lossy interconnect, " IEEE Trans. Two-level minimization of multi-valued functions with large offsets, Sequential test generation and synthesis for testability at the register-transfer and logic levels, " IEEE Trans. Fast(More)
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