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This study evaluated the population pharmacokinetics (PK) of entecavir in Japanese patients with chronic hepatitis B infection enrolled in 2 Japanese phase IIb clinical trials and compared them to non-Japanese patients enrolled in global phase II trials. The objectives were to identify significant and clinically meaningful covariate effects on entecavir(More)
A novel field sensing method for concentrated acid solutions was developed. The sensor is composed of a dye, Oil Red O, and florisil as a support for the dye. When the dye is supported on the florisil surface, its color change properties against the acid solution drastically changes compared to in solution, and the sensor is applicable to sensing for acids(More)
Hardware organized modular multiplication based on division algorithm is one of the effective methods used for RSA encryption/decryption. This paper generalizes the hardware organization of the modular multiplication based on the higher-radix SRT division algorithm, and describes the area/time trade-off of the organization. For the number representation we(More)
Separation of single-base substitution sequential DNA isomers remains one of the most challenging tasks in DNA separation by capillary electrophoresis. We developed a simple, versatile capillary electrophoresis technique for the separation of single-base sequential isomers of DNA having the same chain length. This technique is based on charge differences(More)
A unique tactic for the separation of single-base sequential isomers of oligomeric single-stranded DNA by a CE separation system employing the specific interaction of metal ion with nucleotide was demonstrated, enabling the separation of the mixture of a 12-mer oligonucleotide and its single-base mutants, as well as their positional isomers.
The color-changing phenomenon of hydrophobic bisazo dye, Sudan III in an acetonitrile solution against the addition of concentrated sulfuric acid has been discovered and the chromic properties investigated. Based on observations, a novel quantification method of concentrated sulfuric acid has been developed. Sudan III changes its color from orange to blue(More)