Takao Nishida

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Neural interfaces hold the promise to become one of the great technological advancements of the 21st century because they can provide new means of communication by directly accessing and interpreting brain intentional states. This article presents a set of grand challenges for brain-machine interfaces (BMI) and investigates recent advances in(More)
Presented is a register structure and generator design which enables non-scan sequential testing using parallel pseudorandom-based patterns applied to the circuit's primary inputs. The proposed register structure and register control strategy uses the circuit under test's (CUT's) natural sequential activity to periodically alter a register's output bias to(More)
The geographical variations of the skulls were osteometrically examined in the gray-bellied squirrel (Callosciurus caniceps) from the populations of Korat, Ranong, southernmost Thailand, and Terutau Island. The skull size was larger in northern population than in the southern population in the continental mainland. The zoogeographical influences of the(More)
A new fault simulator (VFSIM) for synchronous sequential circuits has been developed and applied to random access scan circuits of several hundred LSIs in mainframe computers. The results show that VFSIM is one or two orders of magnitude faster than a conventional fault simulator designed for random access scan circuits. A vectorized pattern parallel(More)
This paper describes the algorithm, implementation, and evaluation results of a new fault simulator called RFSIM, which is designed for combinational circuits. In order to accelerate fault simulation, two basic principles are introduced, a Detectable Fault Only (DFO) principle and a Candidate Gate Once (CGO) principle. The DFO principle is a dynamic(More)
In the abomasal epithelium of the goat, glycoconjugates have been studied by means of selective histochemical methods. The staining procedures employed were alcian blue (AB) pH 1.0 AB pH 2.5, Periodic acid Schiff (PAS) and AB pH 2.5-PAS. In addition twelve lectins, Triticum vulgaris WGA, Concana valin A, Glycine max SBA, Dolichos biflorus DBA, Arachis(More)
Ubiquitous Computing systems stand to bring many benefits in life. To achieve this, such systems will require unprecedented levels of data to be collected, in real time, about users. One issue with this level of data collection is that monitoring can often cause users to change their behavior, potentially rendering the data collected inaccurate. The PSA-BI(More)
For improving the reliability of the method of concurrent error checking diagnosis, a diagnosis facility using this method requires that accurate error detection circuits be properly arranged and that an accurate fault dictionary for fault analysis be generated. Furthermore , evaluating the effectiveness of error detection design and generating a fault(More)
Aims/hypothesis. Abnormalities of the basement membrane are thought to contribute to the complications of diabetes. The suitability of the cornea for detecting such abnormalities was assessed by determining its light-scattering index, a quantitative measure of tissue reflectivity in the basement membrane zone, with a confocal biomicroscope. Methods. The(More)
We osteometrically examined the skulls of the black giant squirrel (Ratufa bicolor) from three mainland populations (M. Malayan Peninsula, V. South Vietnam, and B. Burma, India and North Thailand) and from two island populations (T. Tioman, and S. Sumatra Islands). The skull in the Malayan peninsula population was significantly smaller than that of the two(More)