Takao Narita

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The embryonic gut of vertebrates consists of endodermal epithelium, surrounding mesenchyme derived from splanchnic mesoderm and enteric neuronal components derived from neural crest cells. During gut organogenesis, the mesenchyme differentiates into distinct concentric layers around the endodermal epithelium forming the lamina propria, muscularis mucosae,(More)
Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions are very important in the development of the vertebrate gut. In the avian embryonic stomach (proventriculus), expression of embryonic chick pepsinogen (ECPg) gene, which is specific to developing glandular cells in stomach epithelium, is regulated by mesenchymal influence. Molecular mechanisms of tissue-specific(More)
Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions are necessary for the normal development of various digestive organs. In chicken proventriculus (glandular stomach), morphogenesis and differentiation of the epithelium depend upon the inductive signals coming from underlying mesenchyme. However, the nature of such signals is still unclear despite extensive analyses(More)
L-Lysine 6-aminotransferase (LAT) is an enzyme involved in L-lysine catabolism in a wide range of living organisms. LAT from Flavobacterium lutescens IFO3084 was purified, and its structural gene (lat) was cloned, sequenced and expressed in Escherichia coli. Native PAGE analysis of purified LAT gave a single band corresponding to a molecular weight of about(More)
Sonic hedgehog (Shh) gene encodes a secreted protein that acts as an important mediator of cell-cell interactions. A detailed analysis of Shh expression in the digestive organs of the chicken embryo was carried out. Shh expression in the endoderm begins at stage 7, when the formation of the foregut commences, and is found as narrow bands in the midgut. Shh(More)
The pcd gene from Flavobacterium lutescens IFO3084 encoding Delta'-piperideine-6-carboxylate dehydrogenase (PCD) was cloned, sequenced, and expressed in Escherichia coli. The deduced amino acid sequence of PCD from F. lutescens IFO3084 showed strong similarity to that from Streptomyces clavuligerus. The molecular mass of the recombinant PCD was estimated to(More)
PDM phosphatase was purified approximately 500-fold through six steps from the extract of dried powder of the culture filtrate of Fusarium moniliforme. The purified preparation appeared homogeneous on SDS-PAGE although the protein band was broad. Amino acid sequence information was collected on tryptic peptides from this preparation. cDNA cloning was(More)
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