Takao Kikuchi

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The location of structural domains in proteins is predicted from the amino acid sequence, based on the analysis of a computed contact map for the protein, the average distance map (ADM). Interactions between residues i and j in a protein are subdivided into several ranges, according to the separation [i-j[ in the amino acid sequence. Within each range,(More)
The authors have been attempting to digitize murals at the royal tomb of Amenophis III. When photographing the murals, two strobe lights, each of which had an umbrella, were used to provide uniform illumination. Nonetheless, the illumination was still somewhat non-uniform. This non-uniform illumination was corrected by applying an illumination model, which(More)
A method is described for the prediction of probable folding pathways of globular proteins, based on the analysis of distance maps. It is applicable to proteins of unknown spatial structure but known amino acid sequence as well as to proteins of known structure. It is based on an objective procedure for the determination of the boundary of compact regions(More)
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