Takao Kanzawa

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BACKGROUND Acetazolamide loading has been the "gold standard" for evaluating cerebrovascular reserve capacity (CVRC). However, life-threatening side effects of acetazolamide have recently been reported. The aim of the study was to identify alternative methods for evaluating CVRC. METHODS We reviewed 6 patients who underwent both computed tomography(More)
Cerebral blood flow (CBF) data obtained by computed tomography perfusion (CTP) imaging have been shown to be qualitative data rather than quantitative, in contrast with data obtained by other imaging methods, such as xenon CT (XeCT) imaging. Thus, interpatient comparisons of CBF values themselves obtained by CTP may be inaccurate. In this study, we have(More)
In this paper, robust control o f bending and torsional vibrations and contact force o f a one-link flexible a rm is discussed. The flexible arm carries a rigid tip body, o f which the mass center lies on the center axis of the arm. W e derive dynamic equations o f the jo in t angle, the vibrations o f the flexible link, and the contact force by using(More)
OBJECTIVE The significance of early mild clinical improvement after intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (IVtPA) treatment is unclear. Therefore, we examined whether the timing of clinical improvement after IVtPA predicted the clinical outcome at 3 months. METHODS Consecutive patients with acute cerebral infarction in the anterior circulation who(More)
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