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Various kinds of fatty acids are distributed in membrane phospholipids in mammalian cells and tissues. The degree of fatty acid unsaturation in membrane phospholipids affects many membrane-associated functions and can be influenced by diet and by altered activities of lipid-metabolizing enzymes such as fatty acid desaturases. However, little is known about(More)
A codebook based limited feedback strategy is a practical way to obtain partial channel state information at the transmitter in a precoded multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless system. Fourier based constructions. While the capacity and error rate performance of conventional codebook constructions have been extensively investigated, constructing(More)
— This paper presents an efficient method for updating echo canceller (EC) coefficients in ADSL transceivers during transmission that removes the dependency of updates on the far end signal. The new method improves on the frequency domain EC architecture by Ho, Cioffi, and Bingham in that it converges faster, improves the stability to perturbation, and is(More)
In the developing brain, excessive neurites are actively pruned in the construction and remodeling of neural circuits. We demonstrate for the first time that the pruning of neurites occurs in the simple neural circuit of Caenorhabditis elegans and that a novel transcription factor, MBR-1, is involved in this process. We identified MBR-1 as a C. elegans(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal of the study was to investigate the effects of focal brain cooling on epileptic discharges (EDs) and background rhythms in the sensorimotor cortex of anesthetized rats using spectral analysis of electroencephalography (EEG). METHODS Penicillin G was administered intracortically into superficial layers of the left sensorimotor cortex and(More)
PURPOSE Focal brain cooling is effective for suppression of epileptic seizures, but it is unclear if seizures can be suppressed without a substantial influence on normal neurologic function. To address the issue, a thermoelectrically driven cooling system was developed and applied in free-moving rat models of focal seizure and epilepsy. METHODS Focal(More)
BACKGROUND PQBP1 is a causative gene for X-linked mental retardation (MR) whose patients frequently show lean body. C. elegans has a strictly conserved homologue gene of PQBP1, T21D12.3. METHODOLOGY AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We generated Venus-transgenic and T21D12.3-mutant nematodes to analyze developmental expression patterns and in vivo functions of the(More)
Dietary arachidonic acid (AA) has roles in growth, neuronal development, and cognitive function in infants. AA is remarkably enriched in phosphatidylinositol (PI), an important constituent of biological membranes in mammals; however, the physiological significance of AA-containing PI remains unknown. In an RNA interference-based genetic screen using(More)