Takao Inoué

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In this article, we define and develop differentiation of vector-valued functions on n-dimensional real normed linear spaces (refer to [16] and [17]). In this paper i, n, m are elements of N. The following propositions are true: (1) Let f be a set. Then f is a partial function from R m to R n if and only if f is a partial function from E m , · to E n , ·.(More)
Palisade nerve endings (PNs) are mechanoreceptors around vellus hairs of mammals. Each lanceolate nerve ending (LN) of the PN is characterized by a sensory nerve ending symmetrically sandwiched by two processes of type II terminal Schwann cells (tSCIIs). However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the structural organization of the PN are poorly(More)
Systemic angiotensin II (Ang II) is a dipsogen in terrestrial vertebrates and seawater teleosts. In eels, Ang II acts on the area postrema, a sensory circumventricular organ (CVO) and elicits water intake but other sensory CVOs have not yet been found in the eel forebrain. To identify sensory CVOs in the forebrain, eels were peripherally injected with Evans(More)
The palmaris longus muscle is one of the most variable muscles in human anatomy. During a routine anatomical dissection for medical students at Tottori University, we found duplicate palmaris longus muscles in the bilateral forearms together with the palmaris profundus muscle in the right forearm. The bilateral aberrant palmaris longus muscles were observed(More)
In this article, we aim to prove the characterization of differentiation by means of partial differentiation for vector-valued functions on n-dimensional real normed linear spaces (refer to [15] and [16]). The notation and terminology used in this paper have been introduced in the One can prove the following propositions: (1) Let n, i be elements of N, q be(More)
We investigated the time course of ultrastructural changes of mitochondria in the spinal cord of homozygotes of Leu126TTdel SOD1 (superoxide dismutase 1) with FLAG (signal sequence at the C-terminal protein) transgenic mice (DF-homo). Non-Tg mice and wild-type human SOD1 with FLAG epitope transgenic mice (WF) were investigated as controls for non-onset Tg(More)