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Human NUDT5 (hNUDT5) hydrolyzes various modified nucleoside diphosphates including 8-oxo-dGDP, 8-oxo-dADP and ADP-ribose (ADPR). However, the structural basis of the broad substrate specificity remains unknown. Here, we report the crystal structures of hNUDT5 complexed with 8-oxo-dGDP and 8-oxo-dADP. These structures reveal an unusually different(More)
The voice communication was the only clue of the fatal F-104J accident encountered during high-altitude intercept procedures, and it was analysed to prove the presence of hypoxia as a causal factor. A simulated low-pressure chamber flight was undertaken, and the subject's voice, saying the same words as the pilot, was analyzed in the same way. Comparison(More)
The saccharification process is essential for bioethanol production from woody biomass including celluloses. Cold-adapted cellulase, which has sufficient activity at low temperature (<293 K), is capable of reducing heating costs during the saccharification process and is suitable for simultaneous saccharification and fermentation. Endo-1,4-β-glucanase from(More)
The human MutT homolog 1 (hMTH1, human NUDT1) hydrolyzes oxidatively damaged nucleoside triphosphates and is the main enzyme responsible for nucleotide sanitization. hMTH1 recently has received attention as an anticancer target because hMTH1 blockade leads to accumulation of oxidized nucleotides in the cell, resulting in mutations and death of cancer cells.(More)
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