Takanori Yokoi

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The P300 speller is one of the BCI applications, which allows users to select letters just by thoughts. However, due to the difference of P300 in each person and with the passage of time, users are required to do machine learning every time before use (pre-training). This pre-training is a burden to users. This paper proposes an incremental learning using(More)
In the conventional P300-based Brain Computer Interface, characters or commands are matrix-arrayed and each row or column is randomly and successively intensified. In this interface, a user needs to move his or her eye gaze to the character or the command that the user desires, which could be a problem for those with severe motor disability. To solve this(More)
Cyclodextrin derivatives are synthesized as membrane-disrupting agents via a microwave-assisted Huisgen reaction. Their ability to permeabilize bacterial membranes depends on the amino substituents and an appropriate balance of hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity, thus enabling the preparation of derivatives with selective toxicity against bacteria.
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