Takanori Yanai

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We investigated the biodegradation process of freshwater phytoplanktonic organic matter using incubation experiments, with special reference to changes in three major biomolecules: neutral aldoses, amino acids and fatty acids. The concentration of neutral aldoses decreased drastically relative to amino acids and fatty acids during the early decomposition(More)
A novel 2',3'-dihydroxy-p-terphenyl derivative, thelephantin O (TO), which has cancer-selective cytotoxicity, was isolated. This study investigated the underlying basis of the cytotoxicity of 2',3'-dihydroxy-p-terphenyl compounds in view of their ability to chelate metal ions. FeCl(2) significantly reduced TO-induced cytotoxicity, whereas several other(More)
PURPOSE To understand the mechanisms of life-shortening due to early neoplastic death caused by chronic low dose-rate (LDR; 20 mGy/22 h/day) radiation which accumulates to a high dose (HD; 8 Gy) (LDR/HD) as reported previously. MATERIALS AND METHODS Female B6C3F(1) mice were continuously exposed to LDR/HD gamma-rays under specific-pathogen-free (SPF)(More)
We previously demonstrated that IL-18 and CCL11 were highly expressed in an NFSA tumor cell line that showed limited angiogenesis and severe necrosis. However, IL-18 was not responsible for the immune cell accumulation and necrosis. Here, we attempted to clarify the relevance of CCL11 in angiogenesis and tumor formation. We established CCL11-overexpressing(More)
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