Takanori Yanagi

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In kinesin X-ray crystal structures, the N-terminal region of the α-1 helix is adjacent to the adenine ring of the bound nucleotide, while the C-terminal region of the helix is near the neck-linker (NL). Here, we monitor the displacement of the α-1 helix within a kinesin monomer bound to microtubules (MTs) in the presence or absence of nucleotides using(More)
The dorsal blastopore lip (known as the Spemann organizer) is important for making the body plan in amphibian gastrulation. The organizer is believed to involute inward and migrate animally to make physical contact with the prospective head neuroectoderm at the blastocoel roof of mid- to late-gastrula. However, we found that this physical contact was(More)
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