Takanori Ugai

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Eliciting customer's requirements is the most important issue for a system integration project. Failure to elicit the customer's requirements can cause an enormous correction cost. However there are only a few practical, concrete guidelines to do. In this paper, we describe a method to extract viewpoints and checklists for eliciting customer's requirements(More)
This paper reports on a technique for specifying concurrent systems by using a formal specification language with reflective computation mechanism. We call the specifications written by a reflective language reflective specifications. Our reflective language is an enhanced version of LOTOS (Language of Temporal Ordering Specification). We embedded(More)
Based on our experiences, we have proposed a mathematical model for knowledge transfer in order to make knowledge management mechanism or system take root in the organization and to obtain guidelines to make it work. We are developing a know-how sharing system designed based on the insight obtained from the proposed model. We derived and applied the two(More)
In this presentation, we show the design of a vocabulary set for the conversion of physical quantities and a prototype application using it. The vocabulary consists of facts and rules and is formalized with the W3C Web Ontology Language (OWL) under a resource description framework (RDF). Here, facts are physical quantities of things such as the weight of(More)
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