Takanori Ogasawara

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Our earlier studies showed that the surface of developing and calcifying enamel changes its pH alternatively along the tooth axis when stained with pH indicating dyes. Based on the pH conditions, the enamel at this stage was distinguished as neutral zone (N1 and N2) and acid zone (A1 and A2). The aim of the present study was to correlate changes of pH with(More)
This paper describes a mathematical model of a rubberless pneumatic artificial muscle. This artificial muscle has characteristics resembling those of a McKibben-type artificial muscle. Because of its exclusion of rubber material, however, the rubberless artificial muscle can be driven by low pressure. Although it uses a braided mesh similar to that of a(More)
  • T Ogasawara
  • 1997
The purpose of this study was to investigate the mineralization mechanism in developing enamel using the pH staining technique. Unerupted bovine teeth were used in the experiment. Activity of a proteolytic enzyme against enamel protein obtained from bovine enamel was evaluated. Crystals in developing enamel, which were classified into neutral zones 1 (N1)(More)
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