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An enantioselective total synthesis and stereochemical revision of (+)-citrinadin B.
This manuscript describes an enantioselective synthesis of the naturally occurring alkaloid citrinadin B. The synthetic effort revealed an anomaly in the original structural assignment that has ledExpand
The cell competition-based high-throughput screening identifies small compounds that promote the elimination of RasV12-transformed cells from epithelia
Recent studies have revealed that cell competition can occur between normal and transformed epithelial cells; normal epithelial cells recognize the presence of the neighboring transformed cells andExpand
Total Synthesis of Tunicamycin V.
The total synthesis of tunicamycin V is described. This strategy is based on the initial construction of tunicaminyluracil, which is regarded to play an important role in the observed biologicalExpand
Synthesis and biological properties of tensyuic acids B, C, and E, and investigation of the optical purity of natural tensyuic acid B
Abstract The first, concise total synthesis of (±)-tensyuic acids B, C, and E, using chemoselective formal S N 2′ type Grignard reactions and selective esterification, is described. In addition, theExpand
Studies toward the total synthesis of irumamycin: stereoselective preparation of the C(15)–C(27) segment via two-directional chain synthesis
Abstract The basic structure of the C(15)–C(27) part of irumamycin (1) was synthesized. Stereoselective assembly of C16, 17, 22, and an extra C21 stereocenter was achieved by two-directional Brown’sExpand
Solid-Phase Modular Synthesis of Park Nucleotide and Lipids I and II Analogues.
A solid-phase synthesis of Park nucleotide as well as lipids I and II analogues, which is applicable to the synthesis of a range of analogues, is described in this work. This technique allows highlyExpand
Synthesis of glycerolipids containing simple linear acyl chains or aromatic rings and evaluation of their Mincle signaling activity.
Mincle, expressed in activated phagocytes, recognizes the lipid ligand to activate the innate immune system. We have synthesized glycerol derivatives possessing simple alkyl chains or aromatic ringsExpand
Toward the total synthesis of Luminamicin: construction of 14-membered lactone framework possessing versatile enol ether moiety
Luminamicin (1) was found to exhibit selective antibacterial activity against anaerobic bacteria by our group in 1985. The concise structure of 14-membered lactone of 1 was synthesized. ConstructionExpand
Synthetic studies toward the citrinadins: enantioselective preparation of an advanced spirooxindole intermediate.
This manuscript describes the enantioselective preparation of a spirooxindole that is suited for advancedment to either Citrinadin A or B.
Synthesis of the oxa-bridged octalin system of two anti-anaerobe antibiotics, luminamicin and lustromycin
An efficient, stereocontrolled entry to the 11-oxatricyclo[,703,8]undecane nucleus of luminamicin and lustromycin was afforded via intramolecular hetero-Michael addition of enone 7 followed byExpand