Takanori Komuro

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This paper describes sampling clock jitter effects in digital-to-analog converters. A formula for the output error power due to sampling clock jitter for a sinusoidal input is derived and verified by numerical simulations, and its spectrum characteristics is shown. Also its effects on DAC SNR is clarified by numerical simulation as follows: (i) When the(More)
—This paper describes a system for measuring total harmonic distortion (THD) signal components between 1 and 100 MHz at levels down to −130 dBc, which has not been previously achieved. This system consists of mechanically sturdy passive bandpass (BPF) and passive band-elimination (BEF) filters with carefully selected parts. The BPF is used to create a pure(More)
SUMMARY This paper proposes a new approach for analog portion testing, which can meet requirements for high-speed and high-accuracy testing simultaneously with reasonable cost. The key concept of the new method is cooperation of an LSI tester and some circuitry built in a target SoC device. We will explain the operation principle of the proposed method. The(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents a technique for reducing spurious output of balanced modulators used in transmitters and arbitrary wave-form generators. Two-step upconversion is a convenient way to produce a desired single-sideband (SSB) radio-frequency (RF) signal—baseband quadrature I and Q signals (which are analog outputs of direct digital frequency(More)
Findings obtained from dental charts and from radiograph taken one year later for the same individuals were examined and classified according to different criteria. Similarities between the two sources investigated by the canonical correlation method. The results obtained were as follows: 1. The correlation coefficient and the squared multiple correlations(More)
Plaster models of the teeth of 3-year-old Japanese children (96 males, 98 females) were used to record the crown length, crown width and crown thickness of 5 maxillary and 5 mandibular deciduous teeth (30 measurement values). These measurements were used to devise a number of sex determination formulae. A sex-determination formula using all 30 values was(More)
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