Takanori Kiyokura

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As a step toward a field-use spectrometer based on Fourier-transform spectroscopy, we have developed a prism-scanning interferometer. It consists of a sliding triangular prism with two mirror surfaces attached to a fixed triangular-prism beam splitter. This design eliminates the effect of ambient air and simplifies alignment, which can otherwise be time(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with orthostatic hypotension have pathologic hemodynamics related to changes in body posture. A new cephalic laser blood flowmeter that can be worn on the tragus to investigate the hemodynamics upon rising from a sitting or squatting posture was developed. METHODS AND RESULTS The relationship between cephalic hemodynamics and cerebral(More)
A vacuum ultraviolet beamline with a grazing-incidence constant-deviation-angle monochromator, equipped with a varied-line-spacing plane grating, has been designed for a bending-magnet light source. This type of monochromator has become very popular because of its high resolution, high throughput, simple scanning mechanism and fixed exit slit. To improve(More)
The design and performance of a 24 m high-resolution spherical grating monochromator (H-SGM) for the undulator beamline (BL-16B) at the Photon Factory are described. With three interchangeable gratings of 400, 900 and 2000 lines mm(-1), the H-SGM is designed to cover the photon energy range 40-600 eV. With a resolving power of approximately 2000 in the(More)
This paper describes a Fourier transform (FT) near-infrared spectrometer that uses an integrated prism scanning interferometer whose optical paths are stabilized by corner cubes. A combination of corner cubes and a retroreflection mirror, which is sometimes used in the conventional interferometer for FT spectrometers, is adopted and adapted to the(More)
A submicrometre-area photoelectron spectroscopy system that uses a multi-layer-coated Schwarzschild objective as the soft X-ray microbeam optics has been developed. The system is located at an undulator beamline (BL-16U) at the Photon Factory in the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. By knife-edge measurement, the microbeam size was estimated to(More)
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