Takanori Imakiire

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STUDY DESIGN A multicenter cohort study was performed retrospectively. OBJECTIVE To identify radiographic predictors for the development of myelopathy in patients with ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligaments (OPLL). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The pathomechanism of myelopathy in the OPLL remains unknown. Some patients with large OPLL have(More)
OBJECT Little has been published about subclinical spinal canal stenosis due to C-1 hypoplasia in patients with Down syndrome. In this paper the authors performed a matched comparison study with cross-sectional survey to investigate occult spinal canal stenosis due to C-1 hypoplasia in children with Down syndrome. METHODS A total of 102 children with Down(More)
The pathogenesis of ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligaments (OPLL) has not been clarified. We here report dizygotic twin sisters with OPLL of the cervical spine and propose a new pathogenesis of OPLL. This is the first report of dizygotic twins with OPLL. The twins suffered from schizophrenia, which might be related to the pathogenesis of OPLL.(More)
A 49-year-old woman presented with severe swelling and pain of the left little finger, which had exacerbated rapidly, in October 2006. The patient had a history of hepatocellular carcinoma and metastatic lung cancer. She had undergone partial hepatectomy for the hepatocellular carcinoma in September 2001 and pulmonary resection for metastatic lung cancer in(More)
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