Takanori Fukuoka

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We evaluated the relationship between the size of regional lymph nodes and the presence of metastasis in them in rectal cancer. Of 1,064 lymph nodes in 46 specimens, 133 (13%) were found to have metastases. A half of the positive nodes and most of the negative ones were less than 5 mm in diameter. Therefore, we must find lymph nodes smaller than 5 mm in(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, which has been shown to complicate the course of ulcerative colitis (UC), has been implicated as a possible etiologic factor in the exacerbation of UC, especially in toxic megacolon. However, CMV infection in patients with UC accompanied by toxic megacolon has rarely been reported. Here we report a case of CMV infection of(More)
The clinical significance of the presence or absence of regional variations in histologic differentiation within a primary colorectal carcinoma was investigated in this study. Regional variations in histologic differentiation were judged to be present when the low power field of a microscope was occupied by cancer tissue cytologically and architecturally(More)
The combination of hyperthermia and radiation is considered to have a synergistic effect on mammalian cells, which depends on temperature and duration of time of the hyperthermia and on the sequence in which the modalities are given. The response of cultured colon cancer cells to hyperthermia and ionizing radiation was evaluated using the flow cytometry(More)
We present a patient with colon cancer who had a high serum CEA level without detectable liver metastases at surgery. He underwent hepatic arterial infusional chemotherapy for suspicious liver metastasis concomitant with colon resection at the initial operation. He was followed closely by monitoring the serum CEA levels as well as abdominal US and CT. Five(More)
A case of multilocular renal cyst is presented. The patient, a 65-year-old female, who had had macroscopic hematuria since 1979, came to our hospital in 1986. Computed tomography demonstrated a cystic mass with septa enhanced by contrast medium. The lesion was located at the anterior aspect of the midportion of the left kidney. These findings suggested a(More)