Takanori Fujisawa

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This paper proposes a novel colorization-based color image coding method. This method segments an input image into small segments called superpixels and restores the chrominance of each superpixel as the linear transformation of its luminance. A lot of color image coding methods using colorization have been proposed, but no methods utilize a local(More)
This paper proposes NMF-based (non-negative matrix factorization) multiple pitch estimation algorithm. The approach of NMF-based multiple pitch estimation is to decompose input magnitude spectrogram into sum of basis spectra representing individual pitches. In decomposing music signals, the amplitude of basis spectra should have sparseness, and the shape of(More)
Image deconvolution is the task to recover the image information that was lost by taking photos with blur motion. Especially blind image deconvolution requires no prior informations other than the blurred image. This problem is seriously ill-posed and an additional operation is required such as extracting image features. In this paper, we present a blind(More)
The vocal separation is to separate vocal part and remove the accompaniment part from the mixed music data. Vocal part include many information, singer, lyric and emotion of the song. If we can extraction only the vocal part from the original sound from CD source, it can be applied to various applications. In this paper, we propose a new method to take out(More)
This paper proposes a novel method to estimate non-integer shift of images based on least squares approximation in the phase region. Conventional methods based on Phase Only Correlation (POC) take correlation between a image and its shifted image, and then estimate the non-integer shift by fitting the model equation. The problem with using POC is that the(More)
This paper improves a colorization-based image coding using image segmentation and adaptive colorspaces. Recently, various approaches for color image coding based on colorization have been presented. These methods utilize a YCbCr colorspace and transfer the luminance component by a conventional compression method. Then, the chrominance components are(More)
Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) is studied to obtain maximum output of PV anytime. There are plural control methods (e.g. Hill Climbing, Genetic Algorithm, Fibonacci Search Algorithm et al.) in MPPT. However, the conventional control method is not suitable for moving vehiclespsila PV, such as a solarcar. Therefore, the authors tested a generation(More)
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