Takanori Chiba

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We examined the effects of a newly synthesized gastrin receptor antagonist, AG-041R, on the growth of enterochromaffin-like (ECL) carcinoid tumors in Mastomys natalensis both in vitro and in vivo. AG-041R was as potent as the well known gastrin antagonist L365,260 in inhibiting not only the gastrin-induced release of histamine from but also histidine(More)
Cell competition is a cell-cell interaction by which a cell compares its fitness to that of neighboring cells. The cell with the relatively lower fitness level is the "loser" and actively eliminated, while the cell with the relatively higher fitness level is the "winner" and survives. Recent studies have shown that cells with high Yes-associated protein(More)
—Fetal alcohol exposure is known to induce cell death through apoptosis. We found that colivelin (CLN), a novel pep-tide with the sequence SALLRSIPAPAGASRLLLLTGEIDLP, prevents this apoptosis. Our initial experiment revealed that CLN enhanced the viability of primary cortical neurons exposed to alcohol. We then used a mouse model of fetal alcohol exposure to(More)
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