Takanobu Yamaguchi

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Cloud-top entrainment instability (CTEI) is a hypothesized positive feedback between cloud-top entrainment and enhanced turbulence associated with buoyancy reversal. A sufficiently strong positive feedback is hypothesized to lead to the destruction of the cloud. Numerous studies have investigated the possible role of CTEI in cloud breakup, with ambiguous(More)
In 2001, the authors presented a higher-order mass-flux model called ‘‘assumed distributions with higherorder closure’’ (ADHOC 1), which represents the large eddies of the planetary boundary layer (PBL) in terms of an assumed joint distribution of the vertical velocity and scalars. In a subsequent version (ADHOC 2) the authors incorporated vertical momentum(More)
The topic of cloud radiative forcing associated with the atmospheric aerosol has been the focus of intense scrutiny for decades. The enormity of the problem is reflected in the need to understand aspects such as aerosol composition, optical properties, cloud condensation, and ice nucleation potential, along with the global distribution of these properties,(More)
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