Takanobu Ohtsuka

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In systemic sclerosis, the exaggerated generalized vasospastic tendency is clinically represented by Raynaud's phenomenon as shown by an early digital arterial closure after cold stimulation, and by an inadequate vasodilatory response to heat. The phenomenon is not restricted to the extremities, and can also occur in internal organs. Repeated attacks of(More)
In order to find the most effective antagonist for dipeptidyl peptidase III degrading enkephalin, we synthesized hemorphin-like pentapeptides with aliphatic or aromatic amino acids at the N-termini, such as VVYPW, LVYPW, IVYPW, YVYPW, FVYPW and WVYPW. Among those pentapeptides, IVYPW and WVYPW showed the strongest inhibitory activity toward rDPP III. The(More)
This study was undertaken to determine whether the measurement of plasma histamine concentrations after food challenges provides an additional predictive marker for the diagnosis of food allergy. In 13 patients who were positive to food antigen-specific IgE, 21 oral food challenges were performed. In 5 non-atopic subjects (controls), 5 oral food challenges(More)
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