Takanobu Amano

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Electron acceleration in collisionless shocks with arbitrary magnetic field orientations is discussed. It is shown that the injection of thermal electrons into the diffusive shock acceleration process is achieved by an electron beam with a loss cone in velocity space that is reflected back upstream from the shock through the shock drift acceleration(More)
How electrons get accelerated to relativistic energies in a high-Mach-number quasiperpendicular shock is presented by means of ab initio particle-in-cell simulations in three dimensions. We found that coherent electrostatic Buneman waves and ion-Weibel magnetic turbulence coexist in a strong-shock structure whereby particles gain energy during shock surfing(More)
Electron acceleration mechanism at high Mach number collisionless shocks propagating in a weakly magnetized medium is investigated by a self-consistent two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation. Simulation results show that strong electrostatic waves are excited via the electron-ion electrostatic two-stream instability at the leading edge of the shock(More)
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