Takane Isoda

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We collected eggs and larvae of the Japanese temperate bass, Lateolabrax japonicus, and present horizontal and temporal changes of distribution relative to development and growth during the species pelagic life history in Ariake Bay. Sampling was conducted from the inner to central region (11 sampling stations) of Ariake Bay using a plankton net (80 cm(More)
Japanese temperate bass Lateolabrax japonicus juveniles recruit to the surf zone and grow by feeding on commonly occurring coastal copepods. However, little is known about diel and tidal patterns in their migration and feeding habits. We sampled wild juveniles during the neap and spring tides, over periods of 24 h, with small seine nets in the sand flat of(More)
The sex ratios of the nigorobuna Carassius auratus grandoculis reared in paddy fields during the sex differentiation periods of larval and juvenile stages were examined, since the phenotypic expression of sex in the fish is thermolabile, so that sex determination is under the control of genetic factors and temperature. After 2 days from hatching, the larvae(More)
Diet-switch experiments with three different species of microalgae were conducted to estimate diet-tissue isotopic fractionation of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) isotopes in the freshwater clam Corbicula sandai. The δ13C and δ15N values in the soft tissues of C. sandai changed in each experiment, with little inter-individual deviations, thereby reflecting the(More)
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