Takamitsu Tachikawa

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Prolonged hyperglycemia has been thought to be the primary cause of diabetic complications, however, some diabetic patients develop severe complications early in duration of diabetes, while some patients have no or mild complications even after prolonged hyperglycemia. To investigate the risk factors for diabetic severe neuropathy independent of glycemic(More)
A 39-year-old Japanese woman presented with typical clinical symptoms of Cushing's syndrome, including amenorrhea and hirsutism, for 2 years. The results of her initial endocrine evaluation were consistent with ACTH-independent Cushing's syndrome due to bilateral adrenal masses (diameters of 3.1 cm and 2.4 cm on the left and right, respectively). Serum(More)
201Tl-99mTc subtraction scintigraphy has been recognized as a useful procedure in the preoperative localization of hyperfunctioning parathyroid glands. We experienced a case which showed 99mTc-pertechnetate uptake in a parathyroid hyperplasia. This case warned us to focus a lot of attention on the detection for preoperative localization. There has been no(More)
Small cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder (SCCB) is known for its aggressive clinical features and poor prognosis. No prognostic factor has been established so far. The aim of this study was to assess the significance of possible prognostic factors, including serum neuron-specific enolase (NSE), an established biomarker for small cell lung carcinoma. We(More)
Despite difficulty in long-term maintenance of spinalized rabbits, muscular pathologic changes in chronic spinalized rabbits could be observed for a period of four weeks. Rabbits were prepared by spinal cord transection at T10 (spastic paralysis) or by spinal cord removal below L7 (flaccid paralysis). Spastic preparations showed hind-limb spasticity and(More)
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