Takako Yamaguchi

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Syntaxins and Sec1/munc18 proteins are central to intracellular membrane fusion. All syntaxins comprise a variable N-terminal region, a conserved SNARE motif that is critical for SNARE complex formation, and a transmembrane region. The N-terminal region of neuronal syntaxin 1A contains a three-helix domain that folds back onto the SNARE motif forming a(More)
OBJECTIVE Delirium in the intensive care unit (ICU) is recognized as a major public health problem. Few Japanese outcome studies have been reported. The purpose of the study was to investigate the hospital outcomes of ICU delirium in a Japanese general hospital. METHODS Patients were drawn from consecutive admissions to an ICU at a tertiary care(More)
BACKGROUND Glycobiology pertains to the study of carbohydrate sugar chains, or glycans, in a particular cell or organism. Many computational approaches have been proposed for analyzing these complex glycan structures, which are chains of monosaccharides. The monosaccharides are linked to one another by glycosidic bonds, which can take on a variety of(More)
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