Takako Toriumi

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A new experimental technique to measure crater growth is presented whereby a high speed video captures profiles of a crater forming after impact obtained using a vertical laser sheet centered on the impact point. Unlike previous so called “quarter-space experiments”, where projectiles were launched along a transparent Plexiglas sheet so that growth of half(More)
Sweet taste induction by alkyl 2,3-di-O-(L-aminoacyloxy)-α-D-glucopyranosides requires a combination of hydrophobic α-alkoxy and hydrophilic vicinal, diequatorially oriented, L-aminoacyloxy units. Pyranoside chair conformations afford the preferred stereochemical arrangements of these residues for optimum interaction with the receptor. For the design of new(More)
In safety management after cardiovascular surgery, the system responding to patients' life-threatening changes must be established. Just a trivial error or the delay of medical treatment will increase the risk of shortening patients' lives in the intensive care unit Ventilators and circulatory assist devices such as a percutaneous cardiopulmonary support(More)
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