Takako Tominaga

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The vascular endothelium is important for the early and late effects observed in lethally irradiated tissue and organs. We examined the effects of exogenously added superoxide dismutase on cell survival and angiogenesis in lethally irradiated human primary umbilical vein endothelial cells. Cell survival was significantly improved in superoxide(More)
437 nuclear power plants are in operation at present around the world to meet increasing energy demands. Unfortunately, five major nuclear accidents have occurred in the past--ie, at Kyshtym (Russia [then USSR], 1957), Windscale Piles (UK, 1957), Three Mile Island (USA, 1979), Chernobyl (Ukraine [then USSR], 1986), and Fukushima (Japan, 2011). The effects(More)
Aromatase, which is responsible for the conversion of androgens to estrogens, is a potential therapeutic target for the selective lowering of estrogen levels in patients with estrogen-dependent breast cancer. To develop a novel class of aromatase inhibitors, we tested series of 2- and 4-substituted (halogeno, methyl, formyl, methoxy, nitro, and amino)(More)
Our rationale is based on the finding that estrone 3-sulfamate (EMATE, 2d), a typical estrone sulfatase (ES) inhibitor, can be hydrolyzed and the pharmacological effect of the free estrogen contributes to the bioactivity of the sulfamate. A number of 3-sulfamoylated derivatives of the good aromatase inhibitors, 2- and 4-halogeno (F, Cl, and Br) estrones and(More)
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