Takako Takai-Igarashi

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We developed a data and knowledge base for cellular signal transduction in human cells, to make this rapidly growing information available. The database includes all the biological properties of cellular signal transduction, including biological reactions that transfer cellular signals and molecular attributes characterized by sequences, structures, and(More)
We report on a knowledge-based pathway-finding system that builds on the cell-signaling networks database, CSNDB, which we developed previously. This new system, PaF-CSNDB, uses a general inference engine to apply rules for finding and coupling pathways between or around specific biomolecules from the CSNDB database. We show how PaF-CSNDB finds(More)
Although databases for cell signaling pathways include numbers of reaction data of the pathways, the reaction data cannot be used yet to deduce biological functions from them. For the deduction, we need systematic and consistent interpretation of biological functions of reactions in cell signaling pathways in the context of "information transmission". To(More)
The Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization reports the whole-genome sequences of 1,070 healthy Japanese individuals and construction of a Japanese population reference panel (1KJPN). Here we identify through this high-coverage sequencing (32.4 × on average), 21.2 million, including 12 million novel, single-nucleotide variants (SNVs) at an estimated false(More)
Taking account of the great availability of Petri nets in modeling and analyzing large complicated signaling networks, semantics of Petri nets is in need of systematization for the purpose of consistency and reusability of the models. This paper reports on standardization of units of Petri nets on the basis of an ontology that gives an intrinsic definition(More)
It is getting familiar that pathway information greatly contributes to elucidate the molecular basis of human disease with large-scale biological data. We developed a pathway database for molecular pathology in periodontitis named 'Pathogenic Pathway Database for Periodontitis'. Periodontitis is an inflammation disease in periodontal tissue and associated(More)
The Tohoku Medical Megabank project is a national project to revitalization of the disaster area in the Tohoku region by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and have conducted large-scale prospective genome-cohort study. Along with prospective genome-cohort study, we have developed integrated database and knowledge base which will be key database for realizing(More)