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Each neuron possesses a unique firing property, which is largely attributed to heterogeneity in the composition of voltage-gated ion channel complexes. Zebrafish Mauthner (M) cells, which are bilaterally paired giant reticulospinal neurons (RSNs) in the hindbrain and induce rapid escape behavior, generate only a single spike at the onset of depolarization.(More)
We investigated the effect of dietary zinc supplementation on bone metabolism in rats. Four-week-old male Wistar rats were fed a 30.0 mg zinc/kg diet (C), a 300.0 mg zinc/kg diet (HZ) or a 3,000.0 mg zinc/kg diet (EZ) for 4 weeks. The zinc content of the femur gradually increased in accordance with the gradual increase in the dietary zinc level. Although(More)
We investigated the effects of dietary zinc deficiency on oxidative stress and bone metabolism. Four-week-old male Wistar rats were randomly assigned to one of three groups for 4 weeks: a zinc-adequate group (30 ppm); a zinc-deficient group (1 ppm); and a pair-fed group (30 ppm) that was pair-fed to the zinc-deficient group. The iron content and the(More)
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