Takako Sugahara

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To derive blood flow dynamics from cine-angiograms (CAGs), we have developed an image-processing algorithm to determine a two-dimensional blood flow velocity map projected on CAGs. Each image data of CAG is divided into a set of overlapping blocks, and it is assumed that the contrast medium in each block moves only to its ‘adjacent blocks’ between two(More)
INTRODUCTION Our aims in this study were to determine the anteroposterior facial relationship that is regarded as most attractive by Japanese laypersons in a questionnaire survey and to evaluate which analysis of the soft-tissue profile is most suitable for Japanese people. METHODS We showed 262 Japanese laypersons (121 male, 141 female) 9 morphed profile(More)
Elasticity in the aortic wall was determined noninvasively by measuring the maximal and minimal external diameter of the pulsing thoracic aorta by use of cineradiography in combination with esophagography. Pulse wave velocity and the cross-sectional area were calculated from these values, and their relationship to aging and arteriosclerotic disease were(More)
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