Takako Sawada

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Iron deficiency without anemia (IDNA), the most prevalent nutritional deficiency worldwide, affects young women of reproductive age. This study aimed to elucidate the relationship between IDNA and mental and somatic symptoms including anger and fatigue using the Japanese version of the Cornell Medical Index Health Questionnaire (CMI–J). Data regarding(More)
Human transferrin (Tf) very tightly binds two ferric ions to deliver iron to cells. Fe(III)2Tf (Fe2Tf) binds to the Tf receptor (TfR) at pH 7.4; however, iron-free Tf (apoTf) does not. Iron uptake is facilitated by endocytosis of the Fe2Tf–TfR complex. Tf can also bind aluminum ions, which cause toxic effects and are associated with many diseases. Since(More)
The authors wish to indicate the following corrections to the referenced article. Under Table 1, the IDNA value 11.6±2.5 (28) and P value 0.307 for Menarche (years) are incorrect and should be corrected to 12.0±1.1 (27) and 0.608, respectively. Also, under Table 4, the quartiles value 19 (10.7, 39.5) for Overall, A-R is incorrect and should be corrected to(More)
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