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Cerebral venograms of 21 clinical cases of midline anomalies of the brain and of 80 human fetuses between 3 and 8 months old were examined. the diagnostic value of the venogram was fully proven, particularly for the midline cerebral anomalies, where deep cerebral structures and configuration of the tentorium cerebralli were not well visualized by other(More)
Coronary arterial changes in mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome were evaluated by retrospectively analyzing 62 coronary angiograms of 42 patients with abnormal coronary arteries. A total of 108 aneurysms on the initial studies were classified as follows: eight diffuse, 18 saccular, and 50 fusiform aneurysms and 32 localized areas of dilatation. These were(More)
Fourty seven years old woman came to our hospital for further examination of incidentally found abnormal chest shadow. Chest US examination revealed lobulated cystic mass. The cyst wall was thin and smooth. Chest computed tomography showed water density cystic mass. Preoperative diagnosis was pericardial cyst. Operation was done. Lobulated cyst was attached(More)
Although phasic right coronary artery blood flow in right ventricular hypertension has been studied in animals, reports on human subjects are not available. We observed right coronary artery blood flow before and after operation in a patient with right ventricular hypertension secondary to atrial septal defect using transesophageal Doppler echocardiography.(More)
A 53-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital for chest abnormal shadow. Chest CT showed a mediastinal cyst. Tumor resection was performed and the cyst turned out to be a cystic lymphangioma with bloody fluid. There were many lymphocytes in the fluid. She lives well without recurrence.
An 88-year-old woman was severely burned on her thigh, leg, arm, buttocks, chest and abdomen in the bathroom and was emergently admitted to our hospital. The burn index was 10.8 and the prognostic burn index (PBI) was 99. The reports of echocardiography, cardiac biomarkers and electrocardiogram showed left ventricular dysfunction with apical akinesis, which(More)
A new portable device (measuring 14 X 11 X 5 cm, weighing 600 g) has been developed for recording ambulatory intra-arterial blood pressure (BP) and R-R intervals on the electrocardiogram at 10 sec intervals throughout a 24 hour period and a computer system for analysis of the 8,640 digital recordings of systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood(More)
A 43-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for neck pain, and diagnosis was fixed as purulent spondylitis with retropharyngeal abscess and vocal cord dysfunction. Deteriorating paresthesia, paralysis and airway narrowing needed airway management emergency cervical laminoplasty and abscess drainage under general anesthesia. On standby of an(More)
A 38-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital due to dyspnea. A chest X-ray film showed a right-sided chest wall tumor and a massive pleural effusion. A sharply defined round tumor, 5 cm in diameter, was seen on a chest CT scan; this tumor was strongly stained by contrast medium. Angiography showed a feeding artery and strong tumor staining. Gallium(More)